“Should the young generation in Toyama turn their attention to rapidly growing Asian countries?” From that question, Toyama Asia Exchange Association (TAEA) was started. The main activities of our association include promoting exchange of human resources and information in the fields of economy, culture, and sports. By carrying out these activities practically, we would like to introduce features of Toyama as well as facilitate development of the city and aim to establish an identity as an international city. For our association members, we desire to be an organization that takes an appropriate role in addressing their needs such as expanding business overseas, securing local human resources, and acquiring an international sense, and that contributes to business expansion and personal relationship building. In the future, we plan to establish committees to deal with the fields of economy, culture, and sports, organically coordinate them, and accelerate knowledge sharing and business alliances. Pursuing a framework that satisfies both the Association members and related parties, we continue to be dedicated to having a positive impact on Toyama