Privacy policy
The Toyama-Asia Exchange Association (hereafter referred to as “Association”) recognizes the importance and social responsibility of protecting personal information. Therefore, the Association has established the following personal Information protection policy and will handle personal information properly.

Collection, use and disclosure of personal Information

[Principle of collection]

When collecting your personal information, the Association will clarify the purposes and obtain your prior consent.

[Principle of use and disclosure]

When using and disclosing your personal information, the Association will do so only within the scope of the purposes clarified in advance.

Respect of personal rights

The Association will respect your personal rights pertaining to personal information. If you request the disclosure of your own information, the Association will comply insofar as adequate within a reasonable length of time. Also, if you request correction or change to your own personal information, the Association will comply within a reasonably short period of time only if your identification is verified.

Proper management of personal information

The Association will implement appropriate safety measures to protect your personal information that we collected and take adequate measures to prevent unauthorized access, falsification, leakage, and loss.

Compliance with the laws and regulations

The Association will comply with the laws and regulations pertaining to personal information stipulated in Japan.

Continuous improvement of personal information management

The Association will audit and review the management of personal information on a regular basis to make improvements.